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The Golden Hour of BirthJanuary 27, 2018

The first few minutes after a baby’s birth are a magical time. After nine months of waiting, a new mother gets her first chance to hold her baby in her arms and soak in the reality of her new born. care in ernakulam

Research has shown that what happens during the first 60 minutes of a baby’s life can maximize the bonding experience between mother and child. That uninterrupted contact between mother and baby during the “golden hour” after birth is critical to the child’s growth and development. In case of vaginal delivery, this can be possible immediately. Even if it’s a medical emergency, it is still possible to take advantage of bonding time in the first few minutes. The mother can wait till the baby has stabilized and the stitches are done before placing him on the mother. Premature babies are said to have benefitted from this as well. If you feel you may fall asleep, you can have someone near you. At this time, the mother’s needs are simple: warmth and a quiet, calm environment. It is important to remember that she is still in labour – the placenta and membranes are still to be birthed, and her uterus needs to contract down. Babies are born and immediately placed tummy down on their mother’s stomach. A warm blanket should be placed over both mother and baby, to keep mother warm. This slows the production of adrenaline hormone in her so as to not interfere with oxytocin and prolactin hormones being produced (essential for bonding and breastfeeding). It looks like a Kangaroo and is sometimes referred to as Kangaroo Mother Care. new born care in Cochin

Benefits of Skin-to-skin care:

1.   Baby-Led Initiation of Breastfeeding

When babies are placed skin to skin with their mothers and left undisturbed, they will instinctually crawl to their mother’s breast and attach themselves to the nipple. This is now known as the ‘breast crawl’. Skin-to-skin contact and the baby’s suckling at the breast release hormones that help the mother to connect to her child and cause the uterus to contract and stop bleeding. Research proves that nursing within the first hour of life improves infant survival rates. new born care in Kochi.

2.Body System Regulation:

Babies who are left skin to skin with their mothers for the first hours immediately after birth are better able to regulate their temperature and respiration. They have spent nine months in an environment that is perfectly temperature controlled. If babies lose too much heat, they have to use more energy and oxygen to keep their temperature stable. This method also reduces the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). new born care in Edapally

3. Promotes Delayed Cord Clamping:

Leaving the umbilical cord intact while it is still pulsating allows babies to receive oxygen still via the placenta, while adjusting to breathing through their lungs. This means that their cord will remain intact for longer and giving them more chance to receive vital red blood cells and reduce the risk of iron deficiency anaemia. Even if you have a c-section, delayed cord clamping is possible, but not in all cases. new born

4. Promotes Mother-Baby Attachment:

Kangaroo care allows mother and baby to get to know each other. Such mothers are more confident and comfortable in meeting their babies’ needs. Attachment is critical to newborn survival and mothers are hard wired to look after their young. Mothers who had early skin to skin with their babies are more likely to demonstrate bonding behaviours later in their child’s life, such as kissing, holding, positive speaking etc. Post Delivery care in Ernakulam

5. Improves Breastfeeding Success Rates:

Breastfeeding initiation and duration is likely to be more successful with babies who have early skin to skin contact. WHO & Government of India recommend exclusive breastfeeding for babies in the first six months to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Creating the right conditions for the initiation of breastfeeding improves duration of breastfeeding. Babies who are left to self attach usually latch well. Post Delivery care in Kochi

6. Boost Your Baby’s Immunity Naturally:

Babies come out of an almost sterile environment in the uterus and can understand what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Their immune system begins to fight off infections and protects from disease in the future. Research indicates that if babies aren’t given this opportunity to be exposed to their mother’s bacteria the baby’s immune system may not reach its full potential and can increase the child’s risk of disease in the future. Skin to skin contact and early breastfeeding is an excellent way to help increase your baby’s exposure to bacteria. Post Delivery care in Cochin

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