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  • The Golden Hour of Birth

    January 27 ,2018

    The first few minutes after a baby’s birth are a magical time. After nine months of waiting, a new mother gets her first chance to hold her baby

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  • Better breast feeding

    February 05 ,2018

    For new moms breastfeeding can be unsettling for many reasons. Especially with your first child. Stress and doubt are constant companions. While

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  • Breastfeed: Don't give up before you try these tips

    February 13 ,2018

    Breast feeding can be difficult. Sometimes, you will just want to give up. Hang in there. Try these out 1. Be a Little Patient While Your Milk Come

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  • Confinement Practices: How & Why?

    February 15 ,2018

      If you are Indian and just had a baby, your family and extended family cannot stop themselves from telling you about the first 40 days after

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  • Common Confinement Practices

    February 20 ,2018

    Last week, I spoke about the hows and whys of confinement practices. By now, we all know that in most parts of India, new mothers have a confinement p

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  • The best part of Confinement

    February 25 ,2018

        45 years ago when, I got pregnant with my oldest, I had no idea what it would be like to live with a baby. Rajiv was born and prac

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  • How To Care For Newborn Twins?

    March 03 ,2018

    From the time you first saw your twins inside you, till the day you held them in your hands, you probably were excited, worried or a bit of both. Now

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  • Parenting twins made easy

    March 10 ,2018

    Twins and other multiples means way more sleepless nights and days. If you are in that position, here are some ideas that can help it be less str

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  • Are Twins Really Double The Trouble?

    March 17 ,2018

    Raising children, singles or multiples, can be hard. No doubt with twins it will be harder. But it comes with its advantages. We spoke to different mo

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  • Pre mature babies 101

    March 31 ,2018

        When a woman learns of her pregnancy the first time, she begins loving the life inside her. Most women scour the internet and arm

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  • Health issues of a premature baby

    April 04 ,2018

      As we have read before, premature babies are born before many organs are fully developed and have less or no body fat that can keep them war

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